Stark Street Laundry

Stark Street Laundry

13056 SE Stark St 
Portland, OR 97233


Stark Street Laundry 13056 SE Stark St, Portland, OR 97233
Inside Stark Street Laundry
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Our retro facility is charming and clean. The black and white tile floors make for a pleasant environment while you wash your clothes. Grab a bite to eat while you wait at the nearby Taqueria Los Palomas, grab something fast at the Minit Mart Quick Shop, or get your nails done at Precision nails. Whatever you choose to do, your clothes will be tumbling around a Dexter dryer and will come out fluffy and fresh.

Top loader: $2.00
Double load (20 lb machine): $2.50
Triple load (30 lb machine): $5.00
Quad load (40 lb machine): $6.00
6 load (60 lb machine): $7.50
8 load (80 lb machine): $9.00
Dryer: 6 minutes per quarter.
Dryers have the capacity to hold multiple loads.

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Our laundromat in Northeast Portland
Go eat some delicious food while your clothes tumble round and round.